Prof. Dr. Xi-Zhao Wang, FIEEE, FCAAI

Prof. Dr. Xi-Zhao Wang, FIEEE, FCAAI

Vice Director Big Data Institute, College of Computer Sconce and Software Engineering Shenzhen University, Guangdong, China.

Topics: Uncertainty Modeling in Supervised Learning


This talk gives a brief introduction to three uncertainties, i.e., data uncertainty, model uncertainty, and prediction uncertainty, and their relationships in supervised learning. After reviewing the learning bias and no-free lunch theorem, the talk focuses on the improvement of learning performance through uncertainty modeling and loss function design. Some more recent results of research regarding this topic are summarized finally.


XizhaoWang received his PhD degree from Harbin Institute of Technology in 1998. From2013, Prof. Wang worked as a director and a professor in Big Data Institute of Shenzhen University.Prof.Wang’s major research interests include uncertainty modeling, machine learning, and big data analysis.Prof.Wang has published 200+ peer-reviewed research papers, and has supervised more than 150 Mphil and PhD students.Prof.Wang is a CAAI Fellow, an IEEE Fellow, the chair of IEEE SMC Technical Committee on Computational Intelligence, the Chief Editor of Springer Journal – Machine Learning and Cybernetics, and associate editors for a couple of journals in the related areas.Prof. Wang wasa distinguished lecturer of the IEEE SMCS.