Prof. Dr. A.K.M. Azharul Islam, FInstP, CPhys, FBAS


Prof. Dr. A.K.M. Azharul Islam, FInstP, CPhys, FBAS

Professor Emeritus & Former Vice Chancellor, International Islamic University Chittagong.

Topics: MAX phases etched into 2D MXene nanomaterials: Exciting Technological Horizon


The 2D MXene nanomaterials etched from their parent 3D MAX phases constitute a major breakthrough in materials science. The MXenes are at the forefront of materials research in the last few years due to their exotic electrical and optical properties and interesting mechanical properties deriving from their atomically thin dimensions.

These nanomaterials are electronically conductive multilayer similar to multilayer graphene and found useful for a wide range of applications including electronic devices, sensors (chemical, environmental, and biological), reinforcement for composites, and energy storage materials and so on. Recently the application developments of the nanomaterials on energy storage, electromagnetic interference shielding, transparent conductive electrodes and field-effect transistors, optoelectronic and other applications have been widely reported. Very recent study on Ti3C2 MXene reveals potential of nanomaterial as a novel ceramic photothermal agent used for cancer therapy. The same 2D nanomaterial is resistant to biofouling and offer bactericidal properties with application in water desalination/purification membranes. The MXene-based piezoresistive sensor also can detect human being’s subtle bending-release activities and other weak pressure. It can be used to harvest wasted frictional energy, for example, from muscle contractions during typing or walking.

The present author’s contribution in the parent 3D MAX materials is continuing for the last decade which is extended to some of these 2D nanomaterials. This review will mostly highlight the achievements and prospects of this new exciting horizon, rather than the details of theoretical and experimental methodology.


Prof. Dr. A.K.M. Azharul Islam, Professor Emeritus and former Vice-Chancellor of International Islamic University Chittagong, was born in Bogra, Bangladesh on 2nd November 1946.

Academic Qualifications:  Prof. Islam graduated in Physics from the University of Rajshahi. He secured First Class and First position in both B.Sc. Hons. & M.Sc.  He has successfully pursued DIC from Imperial College of Sci. & Tech., London in the year 1969. He was awarded Ph. D. in 1972 from London University.

Prof. Islam’s field of research areas are: (i) Elementary particle physics during 1967 – 1978, (ii) Condensed Matter Physics with current interest in Superconductivity, defects of solids, electronic structure of materials, MAX phases and 2D MXenes (since 1978).

National and International Awards:

1961:   Haji Mohd. Mohsin Prize and Bogra Textile Mill Prize for result at Matriculation in the East Pakistan Secondary Education Board, Dhaka

1964:   Governor’s First Prize, Air Travel and Certificate for National level Essay Competition in the then East Pakistan

1966:   University Habib Bank Gold Medal and Book prize for B.Sc. Hons result

1967:   University Habib Bank Gold Medal and Book prize for B.Sc. Hons result

1968:   Presentation of Insignia of the then Pakistan Civil and Military Award as well as President’s Medal for Pride of Performance at PG stage (Gold Medal, US$ 1000 Prize Money and National Tour)

1968:   Government Merit Scholarship for PhD at Imperial College of Sci. & Tech, London University

1969:   Gold Medals at Rajshahi University Convocation (in absentia) for achieving Faculty First Positions at both B.Sc. Hons and  M.Sc Examinations

1991:   Prime Minister honors in a Ceremony at Dhaka – as Supervisor of UGC PhD Research Fellows

1997:   UGC Research Award in Physics– Awarded by the Education Minister of Bangladesh

2001:   ISESCO Laureate – ISESCO International Science Award for Meritorious Research Achievements in the field of Physics (US$ 5000, Certificates + Tour & others)

2006:   Bangladesh Academy of Sciences Gold Medal Award 2006 (Awarded by Hon’ble President of Bangladesh)

2010:   International CSE Award (2010) as an Editor of Science Journal of the Third World on the occasion of 52nd Annual Conference of the Council of Science Editors (Atlanta, 14-18 May 2010)

2016:   United Group Outstanding Research Award 2016 – (Awarded by the Education Minister at Dhaka, 22 April 2016)

2016:   UGC Reception for author of University Text book (Crest & Certificate by the Education Minister, Government of Bangladesh)

2017:   United Group Outstanding Research Award 2017 – (to be awarded in a ceremony at Dhaka).

2018:   The Bangladesh Education Leadership Award ‘EMERITUS PROFESSOR AWARD’ judged by Asian Confederation of Businesses with CMO Asia as its Strategic Partner and Stars of the Industry Group as a research partner – to be presented at Hotel Radisson Blu on 23 September 2018.

Professional Experience:  Prof. Islam served Rajshahi University as a Lecturer in Physics from January 1968. He became Professor in early 1984. During his long 45-year teaching career he served as:

  • Chairman, Department of Physics, Dean, Faculty of Science, Rajshahi University.
  • Member of Senate, Syndicate, Academic Councils of Rajshahi and other Universities.
  • Member, Board of Governors, RCMP, Chittagong University.
  • Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Scientific Research; Member, Editorial Board, ‘Journal of Bangladesh Academy of Sciences’, ‘Rajshahi University Studies’.
  • Reviewer of more than twenty International Journals, and eight national journals.

Publications and Research Guidance: Professor Islam already guided 110 research students for their M.Sc, M.Phil and Ph.D works – currently guiding 4 research students including 2 MPhil/Ph.D students.

Total number of Publications is 448 – Among these are 266 research publications mostly in International Journals (Visit:; 149 general articles published on Science, Education and National & International issues; 17 books (published nationally and in India & New York); He has edited Proceedings of International Workshop (catalogued by US Library of Congress, ICTP & other libraries of the world, His book “Bedevilled world” on contemporary socio-political events was published by Global Media Publications (New Delhi, India, 2008, 324 pages), see OCLC WorldCat Bedevilled world.

Co-discoverer of a Perovskite-type oxide Superconductor with Japanese physicists (for more information visit:

Prof. Islam carried out research as a Post-doctoral Fellow at Imperial College (London); J. J. Thomson Laboratory (Reading University, UK) on Royal Society Fellowship. He has also worked as visiting scientist at: (i) University of Cambridge (U.K), (ii) Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Research, Bangalore (India), and (iii) ICTP (Italy) as a Regular Associate and then as a Senior Associate; (iv) Yamanashi University, Japan, under joint UGC-Japan research project.

Conferences and Seminars: Prof. Islam so far visited 28 countries and attended 54 international conferences; Organized two international workshops in 1996 and 1998 (participants from 14 countries).

Prof Islam is an elected Fellow of (i) The Institute of Physics (London), and (ii) Bangladesh Academy of Sciences.  He is also Member of different professional bodies such as:  (i) The New York Academy of Sciences, (ii) The American Physical Society, (iii) AAAS (USA), (iv) The Asian Physical Society, (v) The Bangladesh Physical Society (Vice-President for two years), (vi) Bangladesh Association for the Advancement of Science. He is also a Life Member of Bangla Academy (Dhaka) and a few other Societies.